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Issue 6 (Now avaolable)

Financeium Magazine

In this edition, we invite you to traverse the intriguing landscape of publishing through the lens of Susan's experience—an odyssey marked by creativity, strategy, and the nuanced dance between authorial passion and business acumen.


Mpho Dagada


"In the landscape of South Africanpolitics, Mpho Dagada emerges an unwavering force, a beacon heraldingprofound transformation. As thePresident of the groundbreaking politicalpowerhouse Arise South Africa (ARISE SA),Dagada has ignited a wave of hope andchange that resonates across the nation.

Melanie Naransammy-Mohase
Mastering FinancialSuccess

Financial planning is crucial to achieving long-term success and stability in today's dynamic economic landscape. For South Africans, navigating the complexities of personal finance requires a solid foundation built on key principles. In this article, we will explore eight fundamentals of financial planning tailored to the unique needs and challenges individuals in South Africa face.

Set Clear Financial Goals: Establishing clear and achievable financial goals is the first step toward a successful financial plan. Whether buying a home, funding education or retiring comfortably, defining your objectives provides direction and purpose to your financial decisions...


Prof Zethu Nkosi
Transformative Leadership in Academia

We proudly present an exploration into the realm of academic leadership, where Professor Zethu Nkosi emerges as a formidable force at the helm of UNISA's College of Human Sciences. With an unparalleled journey that commenced in the heart of KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal, Professor Nkosi's trajectory unfolds as a captivating narrative, transitioning from a distinguished career as a nurse to a transformative leader...

Sommerville Lombard
Building Success with a Can-Do Attitude

In the bustling world of business, where timeis precious, and efficiency is paramount,having a reliable and skilled virtual assistantcan be a game-changer. Enter SommervilleLombard, the founder and owner of TheSommerville Agency. With an infectioussmile and a can-do attitude, Sommerville hascrafted a thriving virtual assistant businessthat offers a wide range of services to meetthe diverse needs of businesses worldwide.
Let's dive into the world of SommervilleLombard and explore how she and her team canskyrocket your business productivity.

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