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Coaching Business (COMENSA Approved Programme)

  • 28Days
  • 6Steps
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Unlock Your Potential with Our Coaching Business Program! Master the art of coaching, develop winning strategies, and transform lives. Dive into a dynamic curriculum, gain hands-on experience, and embark on a fulfilling career path. Join us to inspire, empower, and lead change! The programme can be taken in a number of ways. 1. It is available as a 28-day self-paced programme 2. The second option is a five days face-to-face intensive workshop 3. The third option is an online Instructor-Led Five-day webinar The programme covers the following four themes. 1. Theme 1: Mind Mastery (First-Principle Thinking; Managing States; Hacking belief (2 parts); Fear of Change; and Vision) 2. Theme 2: Optimising Performance(Self-Awareness; Creating Action; Mastering Emotions; Creativity and Innovation; Creativity and Innovation; Redefining Stress & Burnout) 3. Theme 3: Goals and Planning (Setting Goals; Structure; Planning; Making decisions; Making decisions; Leading a Team) 4. Theme 4: Results Driven (Coaching Proposals; Connecting the Dots; Defining Goals; Process and Results; Measurements and Engagement; Re-engagement)

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ZAR 25,000.00


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