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Smart Money Starts Young: Introducing Money'd Kids - Where Finance Meets Fun!

Dr Meiya G Nthoesane

In a world where financial literacy is key to success, empowering our children with money management skills from an early age is an invaluable gift. Welcome to Money'd Kids, the revolutionary finance program offered by Financeium School of Business, where we transform the complexities of finance into an engaging and exciting learning experience for children aged 6 to 18.

Why Money'd Kids?

Money'd Kids isn't just about coins and dollars; it's about sowing the seeds of financial wisdom in young minds. Our program introduces core financial concepts in a fun, interactive environment, teaching kids the ABCs of budgeting, saving, investing, and more. But beyond numbers, we're cultivating a mindset of responsibility, confidence, and smart decision-making.

The Benefits of Early Financial Education

Imagine your child excitedly discussing the importance of saving for a goal or confidently understanding the basics of investing. That's the power of early financial education. Here at Money'd Kids, we believe that teaching financial literacy early equips children with indispensable life skills. It lays the groundwork for responsible money management and empowers them to make informed choices as they grow.

The Money'd Kids Experience

Our team at Financeium School of Business has crafted an immersive curriculum that makes learning about money educational and enjoyable! Through interactive games, age-appropriate workshops, and hands-on activities, we engage young learners in a world of financial exploration. From understanding the value of a dollar to exploring the thrill of making smart investments, every session is designed to spark curiosity and foster financial confidence.

Join the Money'd Kids Community

Enrol your child in Money'd Kids and witness their journey towards financial empowerment. Our program isn't just about preparing kids for the future; it's about giving them the tools to thrive today. Imagine the confidence they'll gain, the decisions they'll make, and the success they'll achieve—all from a solid foundation in financial literacy.

At Money'd Kids, we're shaping future leaders, entrepreneurs, and responsible individuals—one lesson at a time. Join us in this exciting adventure as we pave the way for a financially savvy generation and ready to conquer the world.


In a world where financial acumen is a superpower, Money'd Kids is your child's passport to financial empowerment. Together, let's spark their curiosity, nurture their potential, and set them on the path to a future where financial freedom is not just a dream but a reality. Join us at Money'd Kids—where smart money starts young!

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